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Bench Press (EMOM 8 )

Deload week! Work up to 65% before emom

6-8 reps @ 65

4-6 reps @ 70

2-4 reps @80

1-2 @ 85


Metcon (Time)

5 rounds for time of:

1 sub-0:45 250-m row

50 unbroken double-unders

If the row takes longer than 45 seconds, or you cialis 20mg trip up on your double-unders, redo it before moving back to the other exercise.


Use your experience with this workout last week to improve upon your overall time. If you missed any row intervals, rest more so as not to miss any this time. If you made all the intervals, try to rest less and improve upon overall time. If you skipped it last week, see the scaling options there.

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